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Pest Control

Pest Control Services Delhi

PestControl.in is dealing in different kind of pest control solutions for the past many years. We have best range of chemical products to help you get ride the pest menace at you sweet home and workplace. Besides the unadventurous chemical pest control method, it has been our constant endeavor to provide the best and most appropriate solutions to our customers, the most advance apparatus and chemicals are always used to insure the most effectual treatment. Integrated pest management techniques are used in most profitable establishments to insure the safety of your employees and customers. We treat everything from shopping malls, Supermarkets, Multiplexes, Pharmaceuticals companies and office buildings. Pest control service Delhi engages spraying the entire premises and adjoining areas with special reference to bathroom, kitchen, pantries, drainage, sewers, toilets & other vulnerable areas. This service will cover pests like cockroaches, flies, silverfish & certain extent flies and mosquitoes.

Commercial Pest Control Delhi detects the termite entry points, their pathways and the extent of infestation. Based on this appreciative, our experts design the suitable type and level of pest control. Our professionals use the advance and highly efficient drill-fill-seal system and inject chemicals to form a barrier that prevents termites from coming in. This pest control is quick, non-messy and completely safe. Our professionals use scientific method to conduct regular check and impediment by conducting methodical inspections at regular interval to ensure total protection of your valuable resources and provide maximum care for your family. All the team we organize at the client's carry a check-list of the specific places they must clean in every home like a proficient housekeeper. At the completion of the house attack, they get the written feedback of client on every development without fail, so that the company and the management team knows about the comfort factor of the client's concerning the quality of pest control services provided.

Residential Pest Control Delhi are also dependable for the transmission of dreaded disease to man and damage to property by way of gnawing which may result in short circuit and fire hazard. Being a mammal, rats are very intellectual and highly adjustable creatures. Rodent control or rat control is always a tough and demanding activity. Contact us for pest control service in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon. On top of that, our client's have always been happy with the sincerity, civility, attention to work nature and dependability of the teams.

PestControl.in is a leading Pest Manangement Company formerly known as M/s Dhawan Pesticides from last 40 years. We have many satisfied clientele which include various Govt.
Departments, Reputed Private Establishments, Residences, etc.
We have obtained many certifications from various Govt. Departments like MES, CPWD, PWD.

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We are registered with
- IPCA (Indian Pest Control Association)
- CPWD (Central Public Works Department)
- MES (Military Engineer Services)
- MAP (Married Accomdation Project)
- IAF (Indian Air Force)

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We provide Pest Management Solutions - our pest management technique is effective, easy to live with and environment friendly.

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