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A densely populated country is more susceptible to pests as opposed to a less populated country. India, being a populous country is much vulnerable to the nuisance caused by pests that could lead to the emergence of diseases and create an unhealthy environment to live in. Though the pest control industry in India finally growing at 15% per annum, it still lacks the presence of skilled technicians. 

Dhawan Pesticides is one such trusted growing pest control management company, government and private institutions look forward to. We are one of the few termite control companies in Bommanahalli that have skilled and trained professionals. We use eco-friendly pest control and organic pesticides to treat the place with pests. Moreover, unlike others, we use the latest advancements of products and techniques to treat the pests to provide effective results thereafter. 

We take pride in being one of the top pest control services in Bommanahalli who are playing an important role in keeping the environment free from pests and the likely diseases like malaria and dengue spread by it. 

Our Specialities

Here is how and why our huge clientele chose us and put their trust in our pest control services. 


  1. We have an experience of more than 40 years in the filed
  2. We provide instant pest control services in Bommanahalli
  3. We also provide same day pest control services.
  4. We also provide a 1-year guarantee on our services granted.
  5. Our clientele includes government organizations and reputed private institutions. 


Most of the pest control services company lack a good flow of trained and skilled professionals in the field. Unskilled and unqualified pest control operators can be dangerous for the society as well as the environment. It is highly important to get a brief touch on the operators that are going to perform the pest control services for you. 

For this reason, we at train our professionals to be cordial and polite to the customers and provide them with the reassurance they need. Our trained pest control operators are not only knowledge in the handling any kind of pest control situation but are also patient and friendly to communicate to. 

To get in touch this, or for availing our services, call us or email us. You can always get all your queries shared with us and get an optimum solution for your pest control problem in your area and premises. 


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