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Fogging is a technique used for killing insects that involves using a fine pesticide spray which is directed by a blower. A fogger is a device used to disperse liquid chemicals over large areas with a very small droplet size. The small droplet size allows the chemicals to disperse and penetrate deep foliage killing mosquitos where they hide. We Dhawan Pesticides provide best fogging service in Delhi at cost effective price.

When and Where to Fog

Fogging Service Delhi - Mosquitos are most active during early mornings and late afternoon and for this reason fogging at these times is most effective. Mosquitos typically don't travel far from their reproduction site and for this reason targeted fogging can be highly effective in mosquito control around your house, patio or property but will e control by Fogging service.

Non-residual Chemicals

Fogging service with non-residual pesticide chemicals is suited to outdoor applications and is similar to having a large can of insect spray on hand. Large volumes of fast knockdown, low residual chemical can be applied to mosquito infested areas such a tree foliage and gardens

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