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Are you a resident of Akshaya Nagar, Bangalore? Are you shifting to a property in Akshaya Nagar? In either way, you must take a good look at your surroundings while the time is tough. We are sure you would not want to regret shifting to a pest already infested with pests. Or keep living in a space infested with pests. 


It is important to be aware of your surroundings to keep living in a healthy environment. For this reason, Dhawan Pesticides provide pest control services in Akshaya Nagar, Bangalore. We have our services based in Delhi. have been in the filed for 40 years. We understand the need to eradicate the pests from the household spaces and at commercial places. Pests can pose to be a great threat to life and property. Moreover, kids and pets are the most vulnerable when it comes to spreading of pests. 


How to identify pests?


The most common pests found in India are mosquitos, termites, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches etc. We Indians have become so used to being around such pests that we often don’t find them dangerous and a carrier of diseases. However, even ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes are a carrier of many diseases. Typhoid, malaria and dengue are three common diseases we fall prey of. 


The only solution to prevent yourself from such infections is to get pest control done at frequent intervals. 


We provide instant and same-day termite and pest control treatment with the help of our skilled and trained pest control operators. While availing our services, you should stay affirmed that your property is in good hands. have an experience of 40 years in the field. In such a long period, we have always look forward to changing and be advanced and adoptive with the latest tools and equipment. 


Our professionals are also trained to adopt the necessary advancements made in the pest control industry in this period of time. This also involves adopting eco-friendly and herbal pest control treatments from traditional pest control methods to keep our environment safe and healthy. 


If you are looking for pest control services and termite control services in Akshaya Nagar, are the top pest control services you can hire. Search for, email or call us to get in touch with us.


Pest Control in Akshaya Nagar - We are professional pest control service provider company in Akshaya Nagar provider termite control/treatment services and other pest related services on time.

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