Termite Pest Control in Koramangala

Termites are the most dangerous of pests that can eat away your home without letting you know. 
Which termite specie is most common in Koramangala, Bangalore, India?
There are 220 different types of termite species find in India that can pose to threat to property and homes. Moreover, they are not reasonably visible when they are creating havoc to your homes. They eat up from the inside. Therefore, most of the top and best termite control company in Koramangala uses a three-step process to eradicate them. The termite control must be done in three necessary steps that include
• Termite inspection
In termite inspection, the pest control services are required to examine the area for any probable termite attack on the property. This is done at places that are vulnerable to termite attack and in particular seasons when their colonies become active. 
• Termite treatment and extermination
After the termite inspection is done and the extent of termite infestation is determined, the required treatment is decided after that. Depending on the severity of the case, the termite control is undertaken by our team of pest control professionals. We make use of environment-friendly techniques to treat the infected area. 
• Termite pretreatment
Termite pretreatment is done at construction sites to minimize the possibility of any termite attack shortly. This is usually done on sites where wooden structures are being built. 
Proper measures are also taken to ensure that no re-infestation of termites occur. We, at Dhawan Pesticides, are the best termite control services in Koramangala. If you live in Koramangala and finding a good pest control management company, we will be happy to serve you. 
With 40 years of experience in the field and a team of sincere and diligent professionals in the area, Pestcontrol.in has a clientele we take pride in. 
Pest control services are no longer how they used to be before. If you are running away from hiring a pest control because of the time it consumes and the hassles that come along with it, give us a chance to change your bad experience. We make use of advanced tools and equipment that are not only eco-friendly but make the pest control effective and less time consuming too. Moreover, our well-experienced expert team makes it even more comfortable.


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