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Are you a resident of Neeladri Nagar? Are you looking for pest/termite control services in Neeladri Nagar? You have landed on the right page. If termite has hit your residential space, commercial space, house, office, apartment, or you have recently witnessed strange insects roaming around your area, its time to get pest control done. 

Dhawan Pesticides is a pest control management company serving reputed clients for more than four decades. If you are living in Neeladri Nagar, you can avail of our quality and eco-friendly pest control services and begin to live in a safe environment. 

Pests are naturally a danger for house property as well as the health of the people. If you have children living at home, it is all the more important to get rid of any pests from home. They spread filth all around, making your living space dirty behind your back. People with a compromised immune system should all be careful when it comes to pest control. 

It is generally believed that pest control should be carried out at spaces at least once a month to be able to live in a clean and aesthetic environment. Or this can be undertaken in particular months when pest appearance it at a hike. is ready to serve at any time of the day. We provide the best professional pest and termite control in Neeldari Nagar. You can also feel free to check our testimonials as we have reputed clientele that includes government departments, reputed establishments, etc.

Our expert staff is flexible with working on a large scale; they have worked and eradicated stubborn pests and termites. 

Why Choose Us?

There are various reasons why you should be choosing for getting pest control done in your area. 



  1. We provide cost-effective and affordable pest control services
  2. We have a vast clientele amongst them are government organizations and big reputed firms that trust us.
  3. We have worked on large scale projects
  4. We provide odourless, colourless and eco-friendly pest control 
  5. We have been in the industry for more than 40 years.

Our experience speaks louder than words. If you are looking out for the best professional termite control in Neeldari Nagar, feel free to fix a quote with us. Drop us a message on email, call us at our contact number or drop your information on our website, and we will get back to you shortly.


We provide best pest control in Neeladri Nagar, termite control/treatment service in Neeladri Nagar as we are professional pest control company in Neeladri Nagar having well experience of successful projects.

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