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Are you a permanent resident living in Chandapura, Bangalore? Do you feel like lately, the presence of intruders like insects and rodents in your home, office, or shop has increased? Do you see silverfish, cockroaches, and rats roaming around freely in your living space? Better act early if that’s how it is!

Why Get Pest Control Done? 

At times, residents neglect the presence of insects that are breeding in their premises without knowing the hidden nuisance they are creating. Ignoring the presence of pests in your home is like calling trouble for yourself. Especially termites can end up eating up and destroying your living space you can’t even estimate. 

So, as a pest control management company, we advise you to get your residential or commercial area checked by a reputed pest control service provider. This can turn out to be economical by all means. 

If you are looking for pest control services and termite control services in Chandapura, Dhawan Pesticides can be at your service. 

We at have been in pest control business from the last 40 years. We provide extensive scale pest control services as well. Our clientele includes reputed government organizations and big private establishments. We have certifications achieved from various government departments too. 

Be it any pests, our team of experts work hard to find out their breeding place so that you can get rid of them permanently. Be it rats, mice, cockroaches, or termites; no pest can go unseen under the pest control of

Moreover, we make use of herbal pest control that is colorless and odorless to maintain a healthy environment. We use eco-friendly chemicals in just the right amounts that pose no danger otherwise. We also make use of modern and advanced tools and equipment to carry out the process of pest control in your space. We proceed with the process with minimum hassle to the owners. 

How To Communicate With Us?

It is easy to get in touch with us. You can always avail of our services at your convenience. You can drop us an email or call on our number to get in touch with us directly. We assure your satisfaction with our services. If you are seeking excellent pest control services in Bangalore and parts of Bangalore, do keep us in your thoughts.


Get pest control services in Chandapura by top pest control company in Chandapura along with termite control/treatment services in Chandapura Bangalore. 

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