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There is always the right place for everything. And surely homes, residential areas, commercial buildings are not the right place for insects and rodents. We don’t detest animals and insects. We believe that their right place to be is outside the living premises.  

Once, these insects and rodents not only start existing in your place but also cross your thresholds, they become dangerous and turn into pests. Most of the common pests found in Indian homes are breeding place of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Did you know mice carry hantavirus, rats can carry bubonic plague, cockroach faeces can cause asthma problems and the list goes on? 

We are not here to develop fear but to warn you of their dangers. We Dhawan pesticides are here to help you out in keeping our surroundings and environment clean and safe to live in. We provide pest control in Jigani at cost-effective and affordable rates.

If you are residing in Jigani, you got nothing to worry as we luckily extend our pest control services to the same area. We provide pest control service in Jigani with the help of our experienced professionals. Our assurance stays with our service forever!

At, our trained and experienced professionals are known for completely eradicating the pests from the affected space by examining the problem from the root level. Our experts work hard to get rid of the pests permanently so that they don’t erupt again anytime soon. 

It is very easy to get in touch with us if you are willing to get termite control done in Jigani region. 

Why Us?

A common question that can stop you from reaching us is why you should prefer our services? Here is why!



  • We provide the best services in town
  • We are licensed and certified by various government departments like PWD, MES etc.
  • We have been in business for more than 40 years.
  • Apart from pest control, we also provide fogging, sanitization and related services

Our team of professionals are all pest management experts that are very well familiar with the circumstances that they can encounter during the pest control. They are ready to face any level of pest attack. To avail our expert services, it is easy to get in touch with us either by calling us and emailing us at 


We are best Jigani based location pest control company in Jigani provider termite control, pest control services in Jigani Bangalore at very affordable price, we have done millions of pest control work in entire places in Bangalore.

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